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DOK30 is the agency for Public Relations (PR) and corporate communications. We help organizations close the gap between them and their stakeholders using authenticity and transparency as ground rules for all communications. In this post credit crunch economy, management is often struggling to adapt to the new demands of stakeholders, employees, customers and partners alike. DOK30 helps you find your 'why' and helps you tell your own story in an authentic, transparent manner to all stakeholders. Thus increasing not only your market value, but your social value as well.

T : (+31) (0)33-3033 330
E : sabine@dok30.nl
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Marcommit is hét full service B2B marketing bureau van Nederland! Wij helpen jouw bedrijf met offline en online marketing campagnes die écht werken. Herken zakelijke websitebezoekers
Herken zakelijke websitebezoekerswww.LVTPR.comwww.marcommit.nlwww.lubbersdejong.nl