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Nakko becomes Notificare partner

Nakko, a full-service mobile agency focused on retail services, announces today its new partnership with Notificare, a leading Customer Engagement Platform. This partnership is valuable to Nakko’s current mobile app development services. The Notificare Partnership is kept for companies that have demonstrated levels of competence based on commercial results and implementation success.

Food Retail
Nakko's first apps using Notificare’s SDK are already in production. Unmistakably, with features like Rich Push Notifications, including a Message Center/Inbox that gathers all incoming messages in one central place. Additionally, features like Contextual Content are used for personalization inside the apps, both for In-App Messaging and for displaying different promotions on the home screen, resulting in a beautiful personalized user experience.

"When designing apps, we at Nakko, put great effort into the interaction of the user with the app. The Notificare Platform provides the app owners many tools to build up a personalized communication channel for their customers, making Notificare a valuable and much-appreciated element in our apps." says Len Clabbers - CEO Nakko

Becoming a Notificare Partner ensures short lines of communication access to all services and a 1-on-1 connection with the team at Notificare. This allows Nakko to offer their customers the quality of service that they strive for.

"I am thrilled that Nakko has made the step to join our Partner Program. Nakko has a great client portfolio when it comes to the food retail industry. They have a product approach towards development, so the Notificare platform fits in perfectly with future projects." says Robert Leefmans -CEO Notificare

To inspire clients, we jointly organize exclusive workshops to interact and learn from the feedback during those sessions. With this partnership, Nakko now has insight into Notificare's roadmap and premium access to the support engineers. This comes with code reviewing and implementation tests, to ensure the release process happens as smoothly as possible, giving them a competitive edge over other agencies.

About Nakko
Nakko develops, maintains and monetizes apps and websites for its customers. We've built some very successful apps so we know how to handle apps with millions of users. Nakko scours the earth to find the best talent to build these apps, sites and backends. Nakko is fully committed to the agile way of working to make the whole process as transparent as possible for its clients. Nakko's founders have been active in mobile for over 20 years, ample experience to help you achieve your goals!
Verrijn Stuartweg 28 B
1112AX Diemen The Netherlands

About Notificare
Notificare is a leading Customer Engagement Platform that helps brands to (re)engage their audience, shed light on customer behavior, and increase conversions. One single tool, with channels App Push, Web Push, Email, SMS, and Mobile Wallet, that help to deliver the most engaging messages and interactions. Founded in 2012, Headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Notificare is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. Proudly serving clients like Rituals, Hunkemo¨ller, ICI Paris XL, Hoogvliet supermarkets, and G-Star.
Every superhero needs a sidekick.
Marconistraat 16
2029 AK Rotterdam The Netherlands
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Notificare now supports Huawei Mobile Services

Social Brothers wordt Notificare Partner

Nakko becomes Notificare partner
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