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CM.com's growth accelerates

CM.com, a global Conversational Commerce provider, sees significant volume growth driven by both existing as well as new customers as a result of the intensified use of its Conversational Commerce platform related to the recent outbreak of covid-19.

In particular, messaging such as SMS and WhatsApp Business by our customers active in logistics and home delivery is higher than normal. In addition, financial institutions and governments make more use of CM.com’s platform and services.

These developments are partly offset by shrinking marketing budgets, mostly in countries where shops have closed, such as in France. In addition, there has been a decline in the travel and tourism industry, which is e.g. visible through a drop in demand of ticket sales for events and museums. CM.com supports these customers with their communications via SMS campaigns and landing pages, which are swiftly enabled via CM.com’s platform. Furthermore, CM.com supports customers with services such as customer enquiries handling via WhatsApp Business and other mobile channels. The latter does not necessarily create substantial revenue streams yet, but provides customers the opportunity to experience more of CM.com’s services and added value.

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO: “While our primary concern these days is and will remain with the safety and health of our employees and their families, we see that due to our size, broad portfolio and global presence our business is quite resilient under these extreme circumstances. Up till now, we have been able to maintain our high growth across the globe, also in Asia. Due to our recent listing and subsequent capital increase our balance sheet is strong with a solid cash position and no bank debt. This puts us in the best possible position to continue our business and support our customers in these challenging times.”

For more information, please contact Investor Relations:
Anneke Hoijtink
+31 643280788

Today, after trading, CM.com will publish the 2019 annual review of CM.com B.V. which includes the 2019 financial statements of CM.com B.V. This annual review will be available on our Investor Relations section on the website.

2020 Financial calendar

14 April Q12020 Trading update
30 April General Meeting
26 August H12020 Report
15 October Q32020 Trading update
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CM.com's growth accelerates

CM.com’s first official General Meeting as a listed company on 30 April 2020

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