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Revenue increase of 20%; EBITDA margin impacted by lower productivity in the second half

Highlights FY 2019
  • Full year revenue came in at € 155.5 million, up 20%; organic growth was 3%
  • Pre-IFRS 16 EBITDA came in lower at € 11.7 million (FY 2018: € 13.5 million), as a result of lower productivity levels in the second half of the year. EBITDA amounted to
  • € 16.5 million including IFRS 16 effects
  • Pre-IFRS EBITDA margin came in at 7.5% (FY 2018: 10.4%)
  • Net profit amounted to € 2.7 million (FY 2018: € 9.5 million) also due to € 3.5 million lower accounting gains
  • Acquisition of Additude marks international expansion into Sweden
Highlights Q4 2019
  • Revenue in Q4 came in at € 39.7 million (Q4 2018: € 37.2 million); organic revenue was down 6%
  • Pre-IFRS EBITDA came in at € 3.3 million in Q4 2019 (Q4 2018: € 5.4 million)
  • Proposition in Smarter Cities strengthened by acquisition of Proficium

Jos Blejie, CEO of ICT Group N.V.:
“2019 got off to a good start with strong revenue growth, both organically, particularly in the high-tech and automotive industries, and as a result of acquisitions. During the summer we were confronted with the abrupt termination of several projects, causing a considerable decrease in productivity. We have taken immediate measures and increased focus and efforts of the team. At the same time we have been confronted with a more prudent buying behaviour in the industry in the latter part of 2019. In comparison with the excellent last quarter of 2018 these effects caused an organic decline in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The year was also marked by significant strategic steps in terms of growing our international footprint, increasing our successful nearshoring activities and strengthening our position in Infra & Mobility. We are on track to achieve the desired revenue split between secondment, projects and proprietary IP, thus creating a more robust business model. In 2019 we have put more focus in our investment initiatives, with a specific aim at Mobility as a Service and the OrangeNXT solutions. To further drive our international reach we will expand OrangeNXT and Additude to other countries and anticipate building more of our solutions in our nearshoring facilities in Bulgaria. Therefore we are confident that we are able to deliver on our mid-term objectives by 2022.”
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ICT Group publishes annual report 2019


Gina van der Werf steps down as Supervisory Board member ICT Group
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