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Software Improvement Group partners with Siemens Digital Industries Software to meet growing demand for quality assurance for embedded code

Partnership offers new solution to automotive and aerospace industries, Sigrid® for Siemens’ Capital Software Designer

New York - Amsterdam, December 18, 2019 Today Software Improvement Group (SIG) launched Sigrid for Capital™ Software Designer as part of a new partnership agreement with Siemens Digital Industries Software. Introducing a new joint solution, Sigrid for Capital Software Designer addresses the growing demand within the automotive and aerospace industries for greater control and management over software-related security, risk and costs. The platform helps enable software architects, testers and developers to implement quality assurance earlier in the development process as well as actively monitor the quality of their software throughout execution and operation.

Part of Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio, Capital Software Designer enables customers with sound and efficient model-based specification, interface compatibility control, integration, and functional verification and validation of embedded application software. The solution’s integration with Sigrid offers a new software quality assurance capability according to ISO 25010, which includes maintainability, performance efficiency, reliability, security, usability, and portability. This makes software quality a verifiable and actionable part of the functional verification process.

Jan Richter, Solution Architect at Siemens Digital Industries Software:
“Helping our customers create high quality products requires focus on all aspects of software quality. This partnership helps enable our customers to combine the functional view on quality of Capital Software Designer with SIG’s proven technology for monitoring software maintainability to effectively measure, manage, and control its software deliverables.”

Michel van Dorp, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at Software Improvement Group:
“We’re excited about the partnership and close cooperation with Siemens. Sigrid for Capital Software Designer is now available and is expected to provide architects and testers with full control over the quality of their software assets. In addition, the solution can give developers clear insights into the quality of their code as well as guidance as to where to make improvements. The promotion and roll out began last month in Asia and is expected to be extended to other regions globally.” 

Note: A list of relevant Siemens trademarks can be found  here

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For more information about Capital Software Designer, please visit:

For more information about Sigrid for Capital™ Software Designer, please visit:

For more information about Software Improvement Group (SIG)
Software Improvement Group (SIG) helps business and technology leaders drive their organizational objectives by fundamentally improving the health and security of their software applications. SIG combines its proprietary tools and benchmark data with its consultants’ expertise to help organizations measure, evaluate and improve code quality – whether they’re building, buying or operating software.

SIG has the largest benchmark in the industry with more than 25 billion lines of code across nearly 300 technologies. The expert consultants at SIG use the benchmark to evaluate an organization’s IT assets on maintainability, scalability, reliability, complexity, security, privacy and other mission-critical factors. The SIG laboratory is the only one in the world accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 for software quality analysis.

Founded in 2000, SIG is headquartered in Amsterdam with regional offices in New York, Copenhagen, Antwerp and Frankfurt.

For more information about SIG:

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