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TD/OMS and Gravity “Milestone 1” Enhancements Streamline Efficiency and Advance Application Development Potential for Remain Software Customers

NIEUWEGEIN, Netherlands — Remain Software released this Wednesday TD/OMS V12 Milestone 1 and Gravity V5 Milestone 1, in line with the company’s longstanding commitment to ongoing support for its signature application-lifecycle management, workflow and DevOps solutions. These Milestones deliver the first of three scheduled enhancements each to TD/OMS version 12 and Gravity version 5. Annual full-version releases transpire each summer.

Both Milestones prove to further productivity and boost efficiency for software professionals through their development, testing, integration and delivery cycles.

Among more than 40 enhancements to TD/OMS V12, notable new features and capabilities include:
  • Extended GitLab support.
  • Unit test integration.
  • Connect to a task from Xref search results.
  • Components filter enhancement.
  • Ability to access Xref from within the RDi LPEX editor.
  • Enhancements to the API for the Fix Report.
  • Added flexibility to defining details for Action Groups.
Gravity V5 Milestone 1 focuses largely on giving customers more control over user-interface configuration. Among more than 30 updates/enhancements, users will find:
  • The number of links associated with the item is now visible.
  • Browser link menu availability.
  • Added user configuration: main menu, login form and footer options.
  • LDAP group assign functionality.
  • Xref enhancements for grouping and exact-match search.
The primary purpose for Remain’s annual version releases and quarterly Milestones is to help customers advance their development potential and compound the return on their investments of time, attention and commitment to their work, Wim Jongman, CTO and co-managing partner, said.

“Customers have come to rely on this attentiveness,” he noted, “and timeliness, relevance and consistency are key to our development, delivery and support of the solutions that meet their current and emerging development-delivery lifecycle needs.”

Consistently the emphasis lies within support for user-ease and intuitiveness; process refinement for accuracy, efficiency and reliability; and enabling developers and IT teams to remain focused on the progression and success of their work.

“Our ultimate goal,” Jongman concluded, “is to help them produce better code with greater speed and ease.” To ensure that new releases meet those objectives, Remain bases development of the enhancements on customer/user feedback and wish lists, as well as on continuous analysis of market trends and needs.

For more information, see highlights with images below and visit the Milestones’ landing pages at:



With offices in Virginia, U.S.A. and Nieuwegein, Netherlands-based Remain Software specializes in robust, reliable, flexible IT solutions for change- and application-lifecycle-management, workflow, DevOps and integration, and more. Three Milestone releases follow each annual version release of TD/OMS and Gravity, Remain’s primary, in-house-developed tools. Visit www.remainsoftware.com

A few Milestone highlights:

GitLab Support
Our latest version has extended support for GitLab, including:
  • Uploading IBM i and/or IFS sources.
  • Workflow integrations.
  • Ticket integration.
  • Merge-request integration.

Unit Testing Integration
Unit testing is a very important step in the development cycle. We all know that sometimes changes have a negative impact on a requirement previously coded, and utilizing automated scripts and setting up unit testing helps ensure that all scenarios are tested, not only those that pertain to the current change. For added user support and flexibility, we have integrated unit testing into our GUI. There’s a node below the task showing the list of unit test programs. We also have full integration with iRPGUnit and RPGUnit.

Enhanced User Ability for Xref
Our Xref module provides the ability to search across all platforms in your enterprise for dependencies. If a database changes or you want to analyze the impact of a change, Xref will ensure that nothing is missed. We have enhanced Xref with the ability to directly connect search results (IBM i and IFS components) to a task.

Xref is now seamlessly integrated with TD/OMS, Xref can be accessed from the menu, from the component view, and now from within the LPEX editor (available only in the RDi). You can initiate an Xref search by positioning the cursor on a word or highlighting a number of words in your source, and with a right mouse click the menu options appear for Xref searching.

Components Filter Enhancement
The component filter in the Component View has been enhanced to provide more flexibility when creating filters. The ability to exclude objects based on name, location and description is now available. Additionally, the user can filter based on multiple values selected for the object type, attribute, application and environment.

Maria Garcia-Juanes, Marketing Assistant., NL
November 6, 2019 (+31) 30 600 50 10; maria.garcia.juanes@remainsoftware.com
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