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Relined expands its reach into Germany with a 14,500 km fibre optic network

Relined Fiber Network, the independent Dutch provider of unlit glass fibre, is now spreading its wings further by offering its clients access to a network in Germany that provides nationwide coverage there. This high-quality network means that Relined can now offer its clients access to over 14,500 km of fibre optic infrastructure in Germany that includes networks in many German cities. Relined already has its own Dark Fiber metropolitan network in the financial and business centre that is Frankfurt am Main, which also provides redundant connections with a large number of data centres. Relined’s activities in Germany mean that it is the sole party to offer nationwide coverage in both countries.

Leasing the unused Dark Fiber capacity
The decision to expand into Germany was triggered by the growing need for connectivity. In order to be able to offer both nationwide and cross-border coverage, Relined is continually investing in the expansion of its network by means of national and international partnerships and acquisitions. In doing so, Relined restricts itself to solely leasing unused Dark Fiber infrastructure.

Fragmented fibre optic market
Unlike in the Netherlands, much fibre optic network has already been laid in Germany by both regional and local players. This has fragmented the fibre optic market there, with just a few players offering nationwide coverage as a result. Relined’s partnership with the network in Germany means it can provide nationwide Dark Fiber connections between the various city centres. In those cases where Relined has no presence in respect of local and regional terminal points, a partnership that suits the desired business case is sought. In this way, the one-stop shopping that Relined offers provides nationwide, cross-border coverage via reliable connections.

Northwest Europe
Working in partnership with its preferred suppliers, Relined can provide a nationwide Dark Fiber network in the Netherlands and Germany that is more than 28,500 kilometres in length and that boasts a high-quality fibre optic infrastructure. This network can also be used to access many locations required by clients such as data centres, offices and healthcare institutions. In addition, the network provides access to networks in the neighbouring countries of Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Austria. What’s more, new interconnections to and from Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland are currently under construction. In addition to national connections and a fine-mesh Dark Fiber network in a whole host of Dutch and German city centres, Relined operates an undersea data transmission cable that connects the Netherlands and Denmark.

Unlit glass fibre
Dark Fiber, i.e. unlit glass fibre, is a term for glass fibres that no activating equipment has been connected to yet. This activating equipment is needed to send and receive data through the glass fibre (fibre optics) and is purchased and managed by Relined’s clients themselves. In short, Relined supplies unused fibre optic capacity through northwest Europe that offers almost endless possibilities.

E N D  O F  P R E S S  R E L E A S E

For more information, please contact Susan Middelwijk by e-mail at s.middelwijk@relined.eu or by mobile phone at +31-(0)6-46341090.
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Relined Fiber Network verbindt CyrusOne in Amsterdam met eigen netwerk

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