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SPIE and CapX Nederland’s sign deal to distribute, install & support Druid private 4G & 5G networks

SPIE and CapX Nederland's sign deal
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Thursday 15th March 2018 – The internationally renowned SPIE Netherlands, have a well-established DAS (distributed antenna system) network for improving public mobile coverage for many customers spanning numerous vertical segments. Today’s deal signing with Druids’ distributor CapX Netherland, to access Druids private cellular network technology for mission critical enterprise and IoT deployments marks a move by SPIE to address the dedicated, low latency, wireless coverage requirements of their customers in segments like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Industrial IoT, Venues, Hospitality to name but a few.

To have the Irish governments support, and Irish Ambassador for the Netherlands, Mr. Kevin Kelly, with us today for this deal signing is very important. With Brexit talks on going, progress and growth for Irish companies like Druid in other EU member states is vital to help deal with the impact the drop in UK exports is bringing.

In mission critical environments like Healthcare and elderly care, Druids software application is so easy to scale and provides easy integration of the latest Nurse Call applications, auto location technology. Druid’s private network guarantees staff a quality of service (QoS), using any cellular device for data, messaging, and voice services anywhere on the campus outside or in building on a dedicated cellular network controlled and managed easily by the staff.

The Druid application effectively turns the cellular device into a pager, location tracking device and nurse call delivery and reporting tool. Some of Druids larger hospital installations deliver over 10 million critical staff calls a year and have been the technology of choice for many years now in the Netherlands for dedicated wireless coverage.

Recent industry feedback at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week would suggest the simplicity of use for the IT manager in using the Druid dash board to monitor all KPIs for essential calls, messaging and data traffic on these mission critical private networks is one of the key reasons Druids application is being adopted across all these sectors as the technology of choice.

Tadhg Kenny, head of business development for Druids Dutch market said “While our software application plays an essential part in providing the best dedicated quality mobile coverage available today, it is our local technology partners in each market and their ability to execute excellence in radio planning and integration with the latest business process applications that completes the solution. Their ability to integrate the Druid “Raemis” application with the latest Nurse call, MCPTT (mission critical push to talk), Man down, Lone works alarms ensures the end customers reap the benefits and efficiencies these environments cannot do without.”

Paul van Gasselt, CEO of CapX Nederland said “The deal we are signing today with SPIE and Druid, is a significant mile stone for CapX. We are working on some very exciting projects where Druids private networks will play a key role in delivering the latest private 4G networks with our various radio partners.

We feel Druid have the best 2G/3G/4G core software application on the market. However, it is their commitment and support which is just as important in helping CapX and our system integrators deliver the best quality wireless network coverage.”

“Some of Druids key competitors” van Gasselt continues “are based in the UK. With the uncertainty surrounding Brexit it is critical for us that Druid are an Irish company, and that we are dealing with a company that remains within the Euro Zone.”

Ad de Korte, Business Development Manager for SPIE Netherlands said “Private networks has been a missing piece in our product portfolio that we are have been keen to address since we have seen private 4G networks being deployed.

We have successfully improved the public coverage for many customers in the Netherlands over the years using DAS (distributed antenna systems). We know and understand cellular coverage and adding Druids industry leading private networks with this agreement with CapX opens up a lot of new 4G & 5G business opportunities for SPIE.”

About Druid Software:
Druid is a software development company based in Bray, Ireland providing cellular core applications for CBRS, IoT, MEC, Public Safety, Neutral Host, Patrol & Enterprise Communications.

Druid supply 2G/3G/4G core network technology and components through their channel network of Global & National Distributors, System Integrators, Network & Equipment Providers.

Our ability to develop & integrate industry leading business process applications with our dedicated coverage solutions is a key advantage. These applications are often essential to enterprises in vertical segments like Public Utilities, Healthcare, Transport, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Security and Public Safety/Emergency services etc

Druid’s portfolio includes enterprise-scale implementations of all network elements needed to run and operate a 4G/3G/2G Private Cellular Networks. Virtual deployments are supported, and the technology can be hosted and delivered as a service.

Visit www.druidsoftware.com to learn more.

About CapX Nederland:
CapX is a very important value-add distributor of private mobile networks solutions in the Netherlands. For many years they have pioneered and supported private GSM networks. In 2017 they started to trial and pioneer private 4G and 4GaaS (4G as a service) with some of their large healthcare customers.

They have extensive experience in the integration of business & mission critical alarms, nurse call, production alarms and personal security. They have many private network sites that are certified to stringent fire alarm levels due to full integration with these alarm systems.

These networks operate and deliver critical calls, messaging and alarms daily in these stringent high availability environments.

For more information please visit: http://capx-nederland.nl/

About SPIE Netherlands:
With over 3,800 employees and 37 offices located across the Netherlands, SPIE are one of the top 3 installers in the Netherlands, working closely with clients in both the public and private sectors.

SPIE is involved in designing, building and maintaining network systems, energy installations, bridges, drains, dams, industrial plants and building installations. As part of its core business, SPIE Nederland also offers maintenance advice and builds software systems that aid in inspecting and maintaining installations and networks.

SPIE Nederland is among the top five technical service providers in the Netherlands.

For more information please visit: http://www.spie-nl.com
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