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Today starts countdown ICO HeadStart

The first fundraising blockchain-platform where creators and backers pay no fee!

Amsterdam, 9 November 2017 – The brightest entrepreneurs of this new blockchain-era can rely on ICO HeadStart for their future fundraising and the further development of their business growth from the 8th of December 2017. This unique platform enables project creators and backers to benefit the most from the crypto-revolution. Not only with the help of industry insiders, but rather with the help of any user in the “real world”. ICO HeadStart strives to list ICOs which have been carefully selected by its experienced compliance department, while adhering to give their community access to the best possible ICO (Initial Coin Offering) proposals and the highest security standards in the ecosystem. ICO HeadStart aims to collect $10 million USD in the first round of their crowdsale which will take place on www.icoheadstart.com

The ICO HeadStart platform works in a decentralized manner with the infinite benefits of blockchain. Once the compliance department has finalized the screening process of the ICO in question, the approval falls in the hands of the ICO HeadStart community. This community has the decisive power to determine whether an ICO will become successful. Since the compliance department has already fulfilled its role in listing the best ICO proposals and projects on its platform, it becomes much easier for its community to give approval for a certain ICO.  

The most important advantages of ICO HeadStart:
  • ICO Head Start’s platform, allow tons of people around the world to back carefully selected ICOs. It is the first fundraising platform where backers and creators pay 0% fee without any additional costs;
  • It offers the best ICO proposals, which have been carefully selected by experts from the compliance department. Before an ICO is listed on the platform they are subjected to the strictest requirements in the industry in order to be certified with the ICO HeadStart Seal of Approval. 
  • The opportunity for backers to use the combined wisdom of the crowd and to vote together which of the ICO projects will be successfully funded.
  • ICO Head Start is 100% safe and 100% transparent: the ICO HeadStart Iconomy is powered by Mother of All Tokens(MOAT). MOAT plays a variety of utility roles within the platform and provides the community the highest level of risk management. 
ICO HeadStart is located in Amsterdam and is developed by three very successful serial entrepreneurs who had already mutual successes in business.

Nawid Habib
Nawid Habib is a son of Afghan immigrants and came to the Netherlands as an refugee at the age of 8. His parents are both pharmacists and left everything behind when they came to the Netherlands. Nawid followed the footsteps of his parents and embarked upon a journey to become a pharmacist as well. At the University of Utrecht, he started his educational career. When he became ‘Student of the Year’ in 2010, he decided to pursue his dream to become a successful entrepreneur. 

Very soon, he owned multiple companies, amongst them a software company, a clinic for Scoliosis and an Italian restaurant. At the moment, he is involved with multiple start-ups together with his business partner, Aleksandar Martinovic. In 2014, he found his interest in blockchain technology and ICOs. In 2016, he invested at an early stage in multiple ICOs which later became a huge success with 1.000s of % in return on investment.

The blockchain community is overwhelmed with the amount of ICOs being launched. Many of these ICOs tried to lift on the success of the ICO market and successfully raised large amount of funds, but did not keep their promises leaving the backers with nothing. This lead to a (big) loss of funding which also could have gone to promising blockchain companies that could contribute to a better world.

This triggered Nawid to come up with a solution for this problem and eventually his idea for a unique fundraising platform, ICO HeadStart, which could tackle these issues on one hand and contribute to the blockchain development on the other hand, came to life.

- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nawid-habib-01610182/

Aleksandar Martinovic
Aleksandar was born in Serbia. He has lived in the Netherlands since 2009. Originally, Aleksandar studied to become a dental technician, but became an entrepreneur instead. He always found himself quite interested in the tech-world. When he established a business relationship with Nawid Habib, he made sure to transform his tech-hobby into reality. This resulted in the creation of a software company lead by the two.

Aleksandar is very keen to expand his knowledge continuously and when he learned about blockchain, he became truly fanatic about the technical potential. Aleksandar is the tech brain and architect behind the ICO HeadStart platform. Due to his entrepreneurial spirit and technical background, he easily guides and translates the vision and goals of ICO HeadStart to the technical team.

- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksandar-martinovic-1349b731/

Clyde Tjauw Foe
Clyde was born in Rotterdam. After studying economics at the Erasmus University, he started his career as an entrepreneur.

When he entered the world of business, he established several companies in many different industries such as: the beauty industry, sales, construction and marketing. When he raised enough capital through his companies, he entered the world of investments and became owner of a fitness centre and a luxurious holiday park in the Netherlands.

The developments of the blockchain industry also caught the attention of Clyde in 2013. As of 2016, he became a serious investor in ICOs. When he saw the great potential of ICO HeadStart, he knew that this was THE project to invest in and became the co-founder of this project.

- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clyde-tjauw-foe-b90a01b1/

Dirk Scheringa 
Dirk was carefully selected and asked by the three founders for the role of CEO at ICO HeadStart, because of his banking and crowd funding experience and as former CEO of DSB-bank.

He was born in a hardworking family without any luxury whatsoever. When he was 22 years old, he started his career as a police officer. Not much later, he entered the world of business and started his entrepreneurial career.

He became the founder and chairman of the former Private DSB Bank founded in 1975, chairman of football club AZ Alkmaar and chairman of the Scheringa museam of Realism. In 2010, he started a crowdfunding platform named ‘The Crowdfunding Alliance’ and as of 2011, DS Factoring followed. More than 50 companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Slovenia, continued under the flag of DSB (Dirk Scheringa Bank). In December 2005, his company had earned its official bank license retrieved from the DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank).

Nevertheless, the bank of Dirk did not survive. It is one of the creepiest things that can happen to you as a bank – a bank run. When you take a closer look at it today, the bank run was unnecessary, because even today, the bank makes more than 100 million in profits every year.

As a result of the past developments, Dirk embraces the potential of blockchain technology. If blockchain technology would have been fully existent in 2009, DSB would not have gone bankrupt since a bank run is simply not possible on blockchain.      

- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dirkscheringa/

More info on: www.icoheadstart.com

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