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TIE Kinetix: Q3 Performance

Interim Management Statement Q3, 2017

Third Quarter Results (period April 1 – June 30, 2017).
  • Order intake of € 3.755k (Q2 2017: € 3.319k)
  • SaaS and hosting revenues amounts to € 2.501k (Q2 2017: € 2.525k)
  • Total revenue (excl. EU projects) amounts to € 4.597k (Q2 2017: € 4.921k)
  • EBITDA amounts to € 286k (Q2 2017: € 557k)
  • EBIT amounts to € -87k (Q2 2017: € 203k)
  • EBITDA/EBIT impacted by EU projects loss of - €20k

Table 1: Q3 Operational Performance


Table 2: Q3 - EU Projects and Total Performance


TIE Kinetix, the leading provider of cloud-managed Integration, Analytics, Demand Generation and E-Commerce services today released its interim management statement for Q3 of its fiscal 2017, covering the period April 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017.

Order Intake
For the month of June, 2017, TIE Kinetix announced a monthly Order Intake of € 2.0 million. This Order Intake comprised both existing accounts and new accounts and was particularly strong for Integration and Analytics&Optimization.

Q3 Order Intake amounted to nearly € 3.8 million (Q3, 2016: € 3.3 million) and includes FLOW based Order Intake of € 3.4 million (Q3, 2016: € 2.7 million). The company focusses on the build-up of FLOW based solutions. Compared to Q3, 2016 the Order Intake of FLOW based solutions has increased with 25%.


This document may contain expectations about the financial state of affairs and results of the activities of TIE Kinetix as well as certain related plans and objectives. Such expectations for the future are naturally associated with risks and uncertainties because they relate to future events, and as such depend on certain circumstances that may not arise in future. Various factors may cause real results and developments to deviate considerably from explicitly or implicitly made statements about future expectations. Such factors may for instance be changes in expenditure by companies in important markets, in statutory changes and changes in financial markets, in the EU grant regime, in the salary levels of employees, in future borrowing costs, in future take-overs or divestitures and the pace of technological developments. TIE Kinetix therefore cannot guarantee that the expectations will be realized. TIE Kinetix also refuses to accept any obligation to update statements made in this document.

For further information, please contact:
TIE Kinetix N.V.
Jan Sundelin CEO or Michiel Wolfswinkel CFO
Phone: +31 (0) 88 3698060
e-mail: Michiel.Wolfswinkel@TIEKinetix.com

About TIE Kinetix
TIE Kinetix transforms the digital supply chain by providing Total Integrated E-commerce solutions. These solutions maximize revenue opportunities by minimizing the energy required to market, sell, deliver and optimize online. Customers and partners of TIE Kinetix constantly benefit from innovative, field tested, state-of-the-art technologies, which are backed by over 30 years of experience and prestigious awards. TIE Kinetix makes technology to perform, such that customers and partners can focus on their core business.

TIE Kinetix has offices in the United States, the Netherlands, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia.
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