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Onderzoek van Riverbed wijst uit: bedrijven hebben moeite met het ondersteunen van ROBO-IT

Hoofddorp, 27 juni 2016 – Riverbed Technology, marktleider in applicatieperformance-infrastructuur, publiceert de resultaten van onderzoek naar het beheer van de IT-infrastructuur van alle vestigingen van een organisatie (remote and branch offices, ROBO’s). Uit het onderzoek blijkt dat organisaties hierbij tegen diverse uitdagingen aanlopen. De belangrijkste zijn herstel na calamiteiten (54 procent), hoge kosten (46 procent) en het inzetten van adequaat personeel ter ondersteuning van ROBO’s (46 procent). Lettend op financiële schade, zijn het vertragingen in het leveren van infrastructuur, apps en nieuwe diensten aan ROBO’s (45 procent), vertragingen in herstellen na ROBO-storingen (44 procent) en de tijd die het kost om ROBO-back-ups te beheren (39 procent), die de meeste impact hebben. Het onderzoek is uitgevoerd onder 183 bezoekers van  EMC World 2016.

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Riverbed Survey Finds that Companies are Struggling to Support Remote and Branch Office IT

Delays in provisioning applications, recovering from disasters, and managing data backups rank as the biggest challenges of managing remote and branch offices

SAN FRANCISCO – June 21, 2016 – Riverbed Technology, the application performance company, today released the results of a survey that showed that organizations are facing multiple challenges when managing IT at the edge – at remote and branch offices. The Riverbed survey asked IT professionals about the various challenges they face in provisioning and managing remote and branch offices (ROBOs) and found supporting the IT edge was expensive, resource-intensive and full of potential data security risks.

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IT at the edge continues to be provisioned and managed largely as it has been for the past 20 years, with distributed IT spread out across potentially hundreds of remote and branch locations. However, this approach can bring data risk and operational penalties to companies at an extremely high cost, and in today’s increasingly distributed enterprise with a primary focus on data and security, past approaches may not be ideal for business success. Given the various challenges associated with managing remote sites, organizations have their hands full in supporting the edge. The top three challenges of managing ROBOs in order of importance are:

(1)    Handling ROBO disaster recovery (54%)
(2)    High costs of providing ROBO IT (46%)
(3)    Providing adequate IT staff to support ROBOs (46%)

By all indications, today’s ROBO IT practices are significantly impacting the bottom line. Companies face substantial financial losses when recovering from an outage or struggling to provision new services or apps to hundreds of sites – along with the cost of supplying IT staff onsite at each location. Respondents were asked to rank the degree of financial impact of individual challenges related to managing ROBOs. The percentages below reflect the respondents who ranked each item as having an “extremely to somewhat large” financial impact:

(1)    Delays in provisioning infrastructure, apps and new services to a ROBO (45%)
(2)    Delays in recovering from ROBO outages (44%)
(3)    IT staff time taken to manage ROBO backups (39%)

The survey also found that respondents would like alternative options to storing data generated at remote office locations locally in the ROBO. When data is stored locally on physical servers in remote facilities or branch offices, it is especially susceptible to security risks, such as theft, human error or natural disasters. Not surprisingly, three quarters (75%) of respondents said that it would be “somewhat to extremely desirable” to store their remote data in the data center or in the cloud.

Blog - Riverbed Survey: Supporting Remote and Branch Offices Top of Mind for IT

“The new Riverbed survey shows that companies are really struggling to effectively and efficiently manage their IT operations at the edge,” said Paul O’Farrell, Senior Vice President and General Manager of SteelHead, SteelFusion and SteelConnect at Riverbed. “As companies continue to move more of their operations to remote locations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage their backup and recovery processes and provide adequate IT staff onsite at each individual location. Riverbed’s SteelFusion is re-defining remote and branch office IT by allowing businesses to centralize ROBO IT operations and data in the data center (and/or the cloud), without any negative impact on remote office application performance, therefore simplifying IT management at remote locations while reducing overall costs.”

Riverbed® SteelFusion™ delivers unprecedented simplicity, agility, data security, and business continuity to distributed enterprises. SteelFusion enables a software-defined edge by bringing together best-of-breed virtualization, intelligent storage caching, and industry-leading WAN optimization into a single hyper-converged infrastructure solution that meets both the needs of the enterprise for low operational costs, high security, and fast business agility as well as the needs of branch employees for high-performing applications that simply work so they can do their jobs. SteelFusion is the only hyper-converged infrastructure solution designed with the unique challenges of edge IT in mind:
  • Removes all physical servers, storage, and data from edge locations
  • Consolidates and accelerates time-consuming edge IT operations, such as backup processes and data protection, provisioning of new services and sites, and fast recovery to central data centers in a single solution
  • Extends enterprise-class security, services, and resiliency of the data center and the cloud out to all edge locations, regardless of distance, and without compromising performance

The Riverbed survey was conducted during the EMC World 2016 conference and questioned 183 attendees from a variety of roles and with a median company size of 5,000 employees. Click here to see the full survey.

For more information on SteelFusion, visit http://www.riverbed.com/products/steelfusion.html.

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