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Kentalis Implements Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management

New Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Application to be Deployed in the Cloud to Help Centralize the Management of 280 Sites Across The Netherlands

Barneveld, June 8, 2016 - Infor, a leading provider of beautiful business applications specialized by industry and built for the cloud, announced today that Kentalis will introduce Infor CloudSuite™ Facilities Management to help manage 280 real estate locations. Kentalis is a specialist in the diagnosis, care and education of people with hearing and communications challenges. The facility organization has recently been centralized and needed a proactive and flexible property management system to optimize its planned maintenance and management.

Kentalis has holdings throughout the Netherlands in care and education settings. Because of this large portfolio of real estate and the previous decentralization of the organization, the planning and execution of its management was complicated and cost-intensive. With Kentalis, which is a merged organization, the company employees were using different systems together and information was not centrally held. Following a recent reorganization facility management was centralized and therefore, Kentalis needed a proactive and flexible property management system.

Another, immediate, reason to migrate to a new system was an outdated, existing database that was at the end of its lifecycle and was taken out of use. In addition, because of the nature of its building use, safety has always been a major priority for Kentalis, including fire safety, legionella prevention and that of playground equipment. The healthcare organization, therefore, sought a system that can, for example, emit a signal when inspections are required, or when periodic maintenance is required.

Selection and implementation
After a market consultation and a successful pilot, Kentalis chose Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management. In total Kentalis identified 230 functions that they required with the new solution. All falling within the context of the planned maintenance and management of the property locations. The system had to be proactive and support Kentalis in meeting their statutory and safety requirements.

In December 2015 the implementation process began. It is proceeding in steps. Kentalis need to go through the entire organization to retrieve information, and that is time-consuming.

Harold van der Hoek, the manager responsible for the project at Kentalis: “We expect that all the service points, where our 4,000 employees can ask questions and make notifications about the properties, will go live in January 2017 with the Infor EAM application. By that time, all the relevant data will have been entered.” The introduction of the new Infor EAM application is part of a larger change process. “It supports the broad organizational changes we are implementing and, therefore, we had to describe all the processes before we could start with the implementation.”

Place and time-independent information
Kentalis is switching to a country-based records management for all of its real estate. The organization is very progressive in this way, compared to other institutions. Van der Hoek: “With Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management we can achieve this goal. All information will soon take place in one system and be retrieved, independent of time, by employees. Technicians, for example, can get mobile alerts and always have access to timely information. So they can move from one location immediately to the other without having to go to the office for a new assignment in between. This is both efficient and saves costs. Also, vendors have access and are able to watch it in the system, in case of incidents, for example. Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management is flexible, interactive and current. It is the only system on the market at this time that allows healthcare facilities to offer such extensive functionality.”

About Infor
Infor builds beautiful business applications with last mile functionality and scientific insights for select industries delivered as a cloud service. With 14,000 employees and customers in more than 200 countries and territories, Infor automates critical processes for industries including healthcare, manufacturing, fashion, wholesale distribution, hospitality, retail, and public sector. Infor software helps eliminate the need for costly customization through embedded deep industry domain expertise. Headquartered in New York City, Infor is also home to one of the largest creative agencies in Manhattan, Hook & Loop, focused on delivering a user experience that is fun and engaging. Infor deploys its cloud applications primarily on the Amazon Web Services cloud and open source platforms. To learn more about Infor, please visit www.infor.com.

Infor clients are among others:

- 18 of the top 20 aerospace companies
- 10 of the top 10 high tech companies
- 10 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies
- 21 of the 25 largest American healthcare companies
- 18 of the 20 largest American cities
- 20 of the top 20 suppliers to the automotive industry
- 17 of the top 20 industrial distributors
- 15 of the top 20 worldwide retailers
- 4 of the top 5 breweries
- 21 of the top 30 worldwide banks
- 6 of the 10 largest hotel brands
- 6 of the top 10 worldwide luxury brands

About Kentalis
Kentalis is an organization for people who are hard of hearing or deaf and for those with language development disorder, or deaf-blindness. We want everyone to be able to participate. That’s why we provide research, care and education at locations throughout the Netherlands. We help students, customers and healthcare and education professionals to cope with communication problems because together we can achieve more. For more information visit www.kentalis.nl or call +31 (0)800 5368 2547.

For more information for the Press:
Lubbers De Jong
Anke van Heerebeek
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