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Adobe presenteert nieuwe mogelijkheden voor data science

Amsterdam, 11 mei 2016 —  Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) kondigt nieuwe data science-functionaliteit aan voor Adobe Creative Cloud en Adobe Marketing Cloud waarmee merken op het juiste moment de best mogelijke klantervaring kunnen bieden. In aanvulling op honderden bestaande data science-opties binnen clouds, tonen Adobe data science-algoritmes onverwachte patronen op basis van miljarden data points. Organisaties profiteren van deze inzichten doordat zij betere zakelijke beslissingen kunnen nemen en klanten kunnen boeien met meer gepersonaliseerde en relevante content.

Het volledige, Engelstalige persbericht is hieronder terug te lezen:    

Adobe Announces New Data Science Capabilities

LONDON, Adobe Summit EMEA, United Kingdom — May 11, 2016 — Today Adobe unveiled new data science capabilities across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Marketing Cloud to help brands deliver the best possible experience at the right time to customers. Joining hundreds of existing data science functionalities across clouds, Adobe data science algorithms uncover unexpected patterns from billions of data points. Organisations benefit from these insights to make better business decisions and engage with customers with much more personalised, relevant content.

New data science capabilities include:

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Smarter Allocation for Visitor Traffic: Through the auto-allocate capability in Adobe Target, marketers can seamlessly find their biggest web traffic drivers, and use these to drive further traffic to online properties.

Predictive Subject Line Beta: A beta programme in Adobe Campaign for predictive subject lines, which suggests subject line content to optimise performance.

Advertising Insights in Action: Adobe Media Optimizer is now integrated with Adobe Analytics for richer metrics like engagement and conversion, as well as insights such as how users navigate across display, search, and social ads, to optimise campaigns for the highest value customers.

Propensity Scoring for Remarketing: Adobe is adding propensity scoring from Adobe Analytics for cart abandonment. Customers are scored on their likelihood to not return to the site, so retailers can decide whether to incentivise them to complete purchases.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Font Recognition and Comparison:
Project DeepFont is an app that allows creatives to take a picture of a typeface and immediately identify it, or its closest match. It’s like Shazam, but for type.

Image Curation: Making use of Adobe’s new image analysis technology, users can now find any images in their synchronised Lightroom collection. Users simply enter search terms to find objects in photos, including food, flowers, animals and more, without the need to manually label each photo.

Adobe Document Cloud

Transforming Paper to PDF:
Adobe Acrobat DC intelligently determines what is and what isn’t a document from a scanned image or photo and uses image-processing techniques like boundary detection, image enhancement and general cleanup – from regional classification to shadow detection – to optimise a document’s usability and fidelity.

Document Semantic Analysis: Acrobat DC accurately classifies words, paragraphs, lists, tables, form fields and figures to allow users to capture scans, images or documents or any content and convert into a smart, searchable and shareable PDF.

For more information on Adobe’s new data science capabilities, visit


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