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RPG applications’ modernization to free-format under TD/OMS software change management control and integrated RPG Toolbox

Remain Software and Linoma Software partnership

Remain Software, a leading application lifecycle management solutions expert and Linoma Software, makers of the popular RPG Toolbox, announce official collaboration starting September 2014. The Remain Software solution, TD/OMS, will now enable customers to not only streamline application lifecycle management on IBM i platform, but also migrate their RPG applications to free-format. The enhancement is now possible due to TD/OMS integration with Linoma Software RPG Toolbox.

TD/OMS for more than 20 years has been a key tool for many companies developing on the IBM i platform. The solution incorporates support for application lifecycle management, which includes processes such as component management, incident management, configuration management, software distribution and deployment and many others. Thanks to the new partnership between Remain Software and Linoma Software, users will also be able to convert their legacy RPG applications to a free-format RPG within their application lifecycle management tool.

The new package is extremely beneficial especially for these organizations who are looking at streamlining software management process, improving software quality and acceleration of development process of their RPG applications. With its rich history, RPG remains one of the most important and commonly used programming languages. To make it suitable to work with evolving technology, applications written in RPG need to be modernized to free-format, which will increase their usability in the long-term, regardless changes made to related applications created with other technologies. The package from Remain Software and Linoma Software allows its users to increase code readability and usability with free-format RPG under full control of software change management tool, TD/OMS.  

“At Remain Software, we strongly believe in looking at the future. Therefore, allowing our customers to migrate their legacy code to RPG free-format under control of TD/OMS seemed like a natural step on our product’s roadmap. RPG Toolbox is a very robust solution and using it within TD/OMS is extremely easy – says Marco Kok, managing director at Remain Software.

“In today’s quickly changing market it’s extremely important for organizations to timely respond to customers’ needs and requirements. Adjustments to current business processes lead to changes in key business applications. It goes without saying that these must be implemented fast and there’s no place for bugs or any issues. Keeping track of software changes and automation of change process is crucial. For vast number of organizations who still use RPG programs it might be a bit more challenging, as most often this software needs to integrate with other applications written in the more recent languages. And there is a place for TD/OMS and RPG Toolbox Pack which allows users to modernize their legacy applications to free-format code which connects seamlessly with the latest technology. The entire process will be under the TD/OMS control, so no data will be missed and customers’ applications will be up and running quickly”, adds Wim Jongman, Remain Software CTO and managing director.

Marco Kok adds: “This cooperation is again a sign how important it is for us to meet our customers’ needs and, as always, give them freedom and flexibility of choice. It enhances our product portfolio, but without any vendor lock.  Instead, our customers can profit from a solution which is a result of cooperation between companies who are experts in their own fields – application lifecycle management and application modernization.  The additional advantages for the customers are ease of use and quick implementation combined with the low-entry cost. One-time payment allows modernization of unlimited number of RPG applications.”

“We are very pleased to be working with Remain Software. I’m certain that their application lifecycle management solution, TD/OMS is very robust and its integration with RPG Toolbox can be of great advantage for all IBM i users managing RPG applications” concludes Terry Heath, director of business development at Linoma Software.

The TD/OMS and RPG Toolbox pack is available September 2014. For more information on how to purchase the software, please contact Remain Software sales department sales@remainsoftware.com

About Linoma Software

Founded in 1994, Linoma Software provides innovative technologies for RPG modernization, encryption and managed file transfer. Linoma Software has a diverse install base of over 3,000 customers around the world including Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and government entities.

Linoma's success was built on responsiveness to customer's evolving requirements and providing world-class customer support.  Specialties include cross-platform managed file transfer (MFT), data encryption, secure DMZ reverse proxy and other tools for the IBM i community. 

Linoma Software is partnered with major software providers including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat and Novell. Their products are certified to work on most operating systems including Windows, Linux, IBM i and UNIX.

About Remain Software

For more than 20 years Remain Software has been an expert and a market leader in Application Lifecycle Management solutions for the IBM i platform. The innovative and flexible software change and workflow management solutions from Remain Software help organizations to simplify and automate application change and modernization processes, improve workflows and teamwork, and streamline IBM i, Windows, Unix und Linux software development.

The recently launched TD/OMS Compact is a breakthrough on the ALM market and is dedicated to small IBM i shops and teams developing in RPG, RPG ILE and/or Java that need a robust yet affordable SCM  tool which is also easy to use and implement.

The Eclipse built Remain Software solutions are future-proof and integrate and/or support technology such as: IBM Rational Team Concert, RDi, Java, PHP, LANSA, CA Plex, CA 2E, AS/SET, Magic, IDDOS, EGL, MIMIX Promoter, RPG Toolbox, ProGen and AdeQuat and more.

For more information about Remain Software please visit www.remainsoftware.com.

Mr. Marco Kok, Managing Director
Remain Software
Dukatenburg 82b
3437 AE Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
Phone +31 30 600 50 10
(e-mail) marco.kok@remainsoftware.com
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