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Process-Modeller BPM app for Android and Windows available from March 2014

After more than 75.000 downloads of their successful BPM app for iPad, Diffusio Novarum thought it was time to expand the market. From March 2014 the BPM app will also be available for Android and Windows.

Maarssen/ The Netherlands - januari 2014

“From the beginning we were strong in Europa and last year we rapidly grew in China, Russia and South-America”. Said Hans Haack, one of the owners. “Our latest 3.2.2. version is highly appreciated worldwide. But being true entrepreneurs It was only logical that we would come up with an Android and Windows version.”

The Process Modeller app puts process management expertise at your fingertips, and makes it easy to define and draw process flow charts quickly. The app is aimed at process managers, project leaders and managers whose job involves describing and optimising business processes. It enables the user to describe process charts quickly and conveniently and thereby increase the efficiency of projects and organisations. Processes created with the Process Modeller app can easily be printed or shared. The Process Modeller app lets you take BPM (Business Process Management) to a higher level, with the central focus on sharing, designing and new ways of collaborating.

 “I am a flow chart novice but this product has really propelled my thinking of terms of process flow years ahead”, said Jeffrey Warren in his five star review. “It is great to be able to present to people and they know exactly what is happening in the process. Stake holders know exactly what I'm setting out to do and are now referring back to this flow as a master copy. The author really knew what they were designing when they put it together.” Said Warren.

The Process Modeller app is available in two versions: the Process Modeller Lite (free) and the Process Modeller. You can download the iPad versions from http://www.process-modeller.com.

About Diffusio Novarum B.V.

After more than15 years of experience in the field they believed that, BPM or Business Process Modelling is an aid that should be able to adapt itself to changing circumstances. Therefore we thought it high time for a Process Modeller tool that meets the wishes of present-day companies. More flexibility and efficiency. The initiators of Process Modeller®, have made it their goal to elevate their field. Hence the development of this innovative app.


If you want more information, please feel free to contact us.

Company information

Process Modeller®
Contact: Hans Haack
w: http://www.process-modeller.com/en/home/
Follow us on twitter: @ProcesModeller
t: +31 (0) 88 – 888 7700
f: +31 (0) 88 – 888 7799
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Nederlandse Process Modeller app lanceert Windows versie en doorbreekt grens van 100.000 iPad downloads

Process-Modeller BPM app for Android and Windows available from March 2014

The Process Modeller for the iPad: Share, Design and Create new Ways of Working
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  +31 (0) 88 – 888 7700
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