TIE Kinetix is technology provider in European Union Project “ALFRED” to provide a personal interactive assistant for independent living and active ageing

Breukelen - 29. October 2013

TIE Kinetix reports that as of October 1, 2013 it commenced the 3 year ALFRED research project funded by the European Commission and with further investment by technology partners, industrial users and research institutions.

The objective of ALFRED is to develop a mobile, personalized assistant for elderly people, helping them to stay independent, to coordinate with carers and to foster their social inclusion. ALFRED targets older people as a first priority and is fully focused around their needs, providing for a practical and real-world impact.

ALFRED will realize a mobile, personalized Butler, researching cutting edge technologies such as advanced speech interaction, context processing, mobile developments, Content Syndication and social information analytics. ALFRED will thus be very easy to use and will provide context-sensitive services related to social inclusion, care, physical exercise and cognitive games.

Through this research ALFRED aims to contribute to an optimal society, where older people will be able to live at their own homes, with the possibility to act independently and to actively participate. The foundation of ALFRED consists of four core elements:
  • User-Driven Interaction Assistant to allow elderly people to ‘talk’ to ALFRED
  • Personalized Social Inclusion to suggest events through Information Analytics processing whilst considering the interests and social environment of the user and then providing targeting syndication of the mined information to them
  • Effective & Personalized Care to achieve a more effective care process by allowing medical staff to access information from the elderly user from sensors
  • Physical & Cognitive Impairments Prevention by incorporating serious gaming to improve the physical and cognitive condition by offering games and quests
Dr. Sven Abels, Coordinator of ALFRED and CEO of Ascora, adds that “ALFRED will create a virtual mobile assistant for elderly people.  TIE Kinetix’ Content Syndication and Business Intelligence experience will enable information to be extracted and broadcast to our target user group for their and societies benefit.”

Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE Kinetix, says: “The Silver Generation is increasingly technology enabled and represent both a significant market spend and social need.  Demographic changes will further increase this market segment and with it opportunities and needs for our customers. ALFRED’s mobile and advanced interface systems, engaged and empowered by TIE Kinetix’s Syndication and Information Analytics solutions will ensure that TIE is well placed to address the market of tomorrow.”

ALFRED’s (www.alfred.eu) objective is to develop a mobile, personalized assistant for elderly people, helping them to stay independent, to coordinate with carers and to foster their social inclusion.  The project is lead by Ascora and lasts for 36 months with 11 partners from 5 EU countries participating.  Partners include; Technology Providers (TIE Kinetix, Ascora, ATOS, Worldline, Talkamatic), Research Organizations (AITEX, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, IESE Business School) and User Organizations (Charite – Universitaets Medezin Berlin, Nationaal Ouderenfonds, E-Seniors)

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