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Scarlet acquires Signpost N.V. in Belgium

LELYSTAD, 20070118 -- Scarlet announces the acquisition of Signpost N.V. in Belgium. Signpost operates as an internet services provider in the Belgian market primarily focused on the education market.

Since it has started its internet business in 2004, Signpost has built a loyal ADSL customer base of more than 17,000 customers. In addition, Signpost was also active in the field of hardware and software distribution for the education market. These activities are not acquired by Scarlet, but will be continued by a separate company under the name of Signpost Belgie BVBA, fully independent from Scarlet. The ADSL activities acquired by Scarlet will continue under the name of Full Telecom NV.

The acquisition further strengthens Scarlet's position in the Belgian market and underlines its commitment for further growth in the broadband market. Signpost will continue to operate independently in the Belgian internet market. Where economically attractive, synergies from merging back-office operations and strategic co-operation will be implemented in due course. It is expected that Signpost will directly contribute to Scarlet's earnings.

About Scarlet
Scarlet is an infrastructure-based communication services provider offering fixed-line and mobile voice, internet and data services for residential, SME, corporate and wholesale customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Scarlet was founded in 1992 and has grown its business since then organically and through strategic acquisitions. In 2005, Scarlet introduced its bundled offering Scarlet ONE. Scarlet services approximately 350,000 customers, of which almost half are broadband customers. Scarlet recorded revenues of €145 million in 2005, which represents a growth of 15% year-on-year.