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Siemens ICN: PC and telephone as a functional unit

Munich, Germany – 28 July 2003 - The integration of computer and telephone (CTI) allows the functions of both devices to be pooled and thus optimized. Many decision-makers consider these solutions to be too complex and too expensive. Unjustifiably: CTI has proven itself, and it is even possible to continue using the existing infrastructure without any problem after entering this new world of communication.

From dial by mouse click to sophisticated unified messaging applications, computer-telephone integration (CTI) promises a significant improvement in workplace ergonomics for employees and thus leads to substantially higher productivity.

From a technical perspective, CTI requires combination of telephone data with the data of the PC. To achieve this, a uniform interface, TAPI (Telephone Application Programming Interface), was created for the international standard.

On the hardware side, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) has substantially replaced the familiar control interface V.24. USB permits true “plug and play”, which means that the connection between phone and PC is detected automatically.

This applies, for example, to the Siemens system telephones optiPoint 500 Basic, Standard and Advance. To integrate them optimally in PC applications, the company provides the so-called Service Provider Call Bridge TU, a form of middleware that implements the connection between the USB connection and the TAPI interface, and which can be downloaded free of charge for standalone solutions: http://www.hipath.com, Download, Software.

It is left completely up to the user to decide which programs will be used with the help of the Call Bridge middleware, as long as the application is TAPI compliant.

However, Siemens offers HiPath SimplyPhone as a stand-alone-solution and ready-made solutions for telephone integration for the most widely available communications programs. For example, HiPath SimplyPhone for Outlook contains an automated adaptation tool for workplaces that use Microsoft Outlook 2000 or Outlook 98 as universal communications and organizational tool. There is also a corresponding software for users of Lotus Notes. The use of such programs that are already present in companies for integration of telephone and computer reduces the effort required for training of employees and leads to a massive increase in their productivity.

Siemens Information and Communication Networks (IC Networks) is a leading provider of network technology for enterprises, carriers and service providers. Its comprehensive portfolio - HiPath for enterprises, SURPASS for carriers - comprises IP-based convergence solutions for voice and data, a full range of solutions for broadband access, and optical transport networks. The Siemens Group thus provides complete solutions from a single source for the infrastructure of the Next Generation Network — optimized for a prompt return on investment and to open up new business opportunities for customers. In fiscal 2002 (year-end 30 September) IC Networks posted sales of EUR 9.6 billion.

Further information about ICN is available at: http://www.hipath.com.

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