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Siemens exhibits innovative mobile solutions and new technologies for even greater mobility, user-friendliness and versatile entertainment

Siemens Information and Communication Mobile (Siemens mobile) plans to create a stir at this year’s CeBIT, with its innovative technology which will soon enable mobile users to get more of the information they really want, as well as make multimedia applications easier to access and more fun to use. With Community Location Services, friends can pinpoint where they are and exchange any type of data instantly, while the Smart Webservices facility processes different internet-based services in a single program, which are then used to handle routine procedures. New technologies for entering and displaying data will also be demonstrated at the Siemens mobile stand, such as the 3D touchscreen and paperlike display – proof of how convenient and diverse mobile communication will soon be.

Visiting CeBIT with colleagues will soon be far less stressful and much more fun thanks to Community Location Services. This new service enables friends and colleagues, who are displayed as buddies in a list, to constantly exchange messages and comments as well as to pinpoint where they actually are. A demonstration will be featured at the Siemens mobile stand with a hall layout plan of CeBIT on the display of the S55. All buddies who are logged onto the network will be indicated on the plan in color as they wander around the trade fair. By clicking on any of the friends represented by icons, it is possible to send a text to them straight away using the Instant Messaging facility.

Smart Webservices are programs stored on the mobile telephone, which can access and then process internet-based services, enabling even complex tasks to be automatically performed. For example, if a deadline arranged using the software is postponed, hotel and flight bookings will automatically be rescheduled. Queries are not sent via the web browser as usual – but via the software in the mobile phone.

You can also try out a new virtual assistant at the Siemens mobile stand. The living charACTers act as messengers or provide support for some of the mobile phone’s functions. The tiny figures are not only fun, they can also be used to quickly express certain feelings or moods, offering even greater ease in the day-to-day use of the mobile phone. Siemens will be exhibiting two of these virtual characters in a variety of settings.

A further innovative highlight is the 3D touchsceen, which is easy to operate by touch. If you run your finger over the screen without actually touching it, the handset is able to recognize the distance between the finger and touchscreen as well as the position of the finger, and then zoom in on the contents, as if you were running a magnifying glass over the screen. The required functions can be selected by touching the screen. This greatly simplifies the navigation of the mobile phone menu and enhances interaction. Menu items can be selected with greater pinpoint accuracy and 3D games are brought to life.

It will soon be possible to have larger displays on smaller mobile phones thanks to the paperlike display. This is a flexible display barely half a millimeter thick, which can even be rolled up. It is therefore ideal for integration in the smallest handsets – which never used to be associated with such large displays as these. For instance, this type of display is perfect for looking at streetmaps, e-mails or electronic newspapers. It boasts a core advantage over traditional printed matter in that the flexible display can always show the very latest data, which is constantly updated via an over-the-air server.

Hands too big for the tiny mobile phone keys? The virtual mouse can be used on the mobile phone in practically the same way as with desktop computers: all you need is a ballpoint pen. A camera in the mobile phone recognizes any movement made by the pen and transmits this data to the color display. This method can be used for instance to navigate through entire menus as well as run games.

You can have lots of fun playing the Augmented Reality Game combining reality with the virtual world: The Siemens mobile phone with integrated camera and color screen can capture the surrounding environment and then for instance create virtual creatures to be hunted down. Even if you move the mobile phone around, the creatures will maintain their position in the setting. The pesky beasts can be destroyed using the joystick.

The Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (Siemens mobile) offers the complete range of mobile solutions including mobile devices, infrastructure and applications. Devices include mobile phones, fashion accessory phones, wireless modules, mobile organizers and cordless phones as well as products for wireless home networks. The infrastructure portfolio includes GSM, GPRS and 3G mobile network technologies from base stations and switching systems to intelligent networks, e.g. for prepaid services. Mobile Applications cover end-to-end solutions for Messaging, Location Based Services or Mobile Payment. For fiscal 2002 (September 30), Siemens mobile recorded sales of EUR 11 billion and employed approximately 28,600 people worldwide.

For further information about Siemens mobile at the CeBIT, visit us on the Internet at:

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