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ETI and Yenlo Partnership Simplifies Cloud Complexity Helping Clients’ Digital Transformation

With a co-developed joint solution, ETI Software Solutions and Yenlo enable businesses to manage DevOps and implement cloud strategy.

Amsterdam, 9 februari 2021: ETI Software, a global leader in service lifecycle management solutions and services announced a partnership with global integration specialist Yenlo to provide an out of the box solution for companies to enable and accelerate their digital roadmap. ETI’s and Yenlo’s joint solution is a fully managed and secure solution to help telecommunication providers simplify cloud-native environments needed to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

“In the wake of the pandemic, an organization's ability to adapt quickly to supply chain disruptions, time to market pressures, and rapidly changing customer expectations has become critical,” said Jeff Fraleigh, President of ETI Software Solutions. “ETI and Yenlo’s solution radically simplifies the deployment and management of cloud-native toolsets and systems needed by our clients to address these challenges.”

Ruben van der Zwan, CEO & Founder Yenlo stated, “To compete nowadays companies of all sizes consume and provide digital services. Product & service development has become a digital driven process that involves connecting different systems, applications, cloud together, and it also requires development of micro-services, and APIs. The challenge is that this requires the type of IT skills that most companies do not have or cannot afford.”

“Companies need a platform for Managed DevOps, and API based integrations, to enable their services digitally and easily tie systems and data sources together. This is exactly what ETI and Yenlo are providing to companies with the push of a button”, said Erik Assink, Managing Director at Yenlo North America.

“The platform can truly enable companies to be industry disruptors because it allows them to quickly roll out new (digital) services. Companies have the freedom to deploy on-premise, on any cloud. And better yet, as a managed service, so that companies can focus better on their core business,” Assink said.


About ETI Software Solutions: A global leader in communications technology and services, ETI Software Solutions delivers the tools that Telecom Service Providers need to manage complex systems efficiently, reduce operating costs, improve customer experience and generate new revenue. For more information, visit www.etisoftware.com or email media@etisoftware.com.

About Yenlo: Yenlo is the global integration specialist in the field of Digital Transformation with open source technology and solutions. Yenlo is a Platinum Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of WSO2 and has been named WSO2 Partner of the Year 2018 as well as WSO2 Partner of the Year 2019 and WSO2 Most Certified Partner of 2019. With its Connext Platform, a complete “Integration Platform-as-a-Service” solution, Yenlo provides solutions for API management, Enterprise Service Bus integrations and Identity & Access management to many leading organizations around the world. Yenlo has specific solutions and standard integrations (links) for healthcare, education, government, manufacturing and logistics on its Connext Platform. For more information, visit www.yenlo.com.

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ETI and Yenlo Partnership Simplifies Cloud Complexity Helping Clients’ Digital Transformation

Yenlo voor derde jaar op rij WSO2 Top Partner of the Year (Europa)

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