Personal Car Lease and Flexlease position IDYN’s ConnnectIT as their integration toolbox

ConnectIT, and IDYN product, has been chosen as integration toolbox for Dynamics NAV by Personal Car Lease and Flexlease.

Joris Thielemans, IT manager at Personal Car Lease and Flexlease: “After I received the ConnectIT training, I immediately started working with ConnectIT. After the training I was able to download interface files from an ftp server and import these files into Dynamics NAV using ConnectIT and all this within a couple of hours. Not manually, but completely automated! Being able to set up and maintain our own interfaces with ConnectIT really helps us to automate and optimize our processes. This means that we control the integration with Dynamics NAV ourselves resulting in a lot of flexibility, keeping the costs low and under control and no need for customization in Dynamics NAV. I am really impressed with ConnectIT, the user friendliness of the product and the integration possibilities it has to offer us.”

In the first stage ConnectIT will be used to integrate the online lease company Flexlease with Dynamics NAV. Flexlease is the online lease company for short, lucrative and flexible lease contracts. The customer has the flexibility to choose a car online from the complete Flexlease fleet. The user can see online the availability of each individual car including the car details, pictures of the car and pricing information. All car information is stored in Dynamics NAV and the relevant information will be exported with ConnectIT to the online order module. This way the latest car information is available online. To optimize the complete process, information will also be sent from the online order module to Dynamics NAV. This means that all customer data (registration and updates) and order details will be available in Dynamics NAV without interference of any manual handling. This does not only result in less manual interference but also in more accuracy of data and having data available much quicker.

ConnectIT will be used in the future for a lot more applications, for both Personal Car Lease and Flexlease. Main focus in the near future is to reduce the workload and bring data accuracy to a higher level.

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ConnectIT is a product from IDYN b.v. , a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that offers a suite of horizontal add-ons to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The IDYN products can be used by any NAV partner in any Dynamics NAV implementation, regardless of the industry if the customer and whether or not other add-ons and/or customer specific development are involved. For more information on IDYN, visit