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Over The AppBuilders Company© (TAB C.®)  

How it works?
Very simple! You do not need coding knowledge, that's nice for many. With our platform you can make all kinds of mobile applications this applies to freelancers, schools, institutions and small businesses.

Create an app
Without technical knowledge and in a matter of minutes.
Choose from a range of functions from templates to calenders and many more options, see our video explanation, adjust your design when and how you want it. That's all!

To publish
We take care of submitting the application.
We submit the publication request for your app; AppStore and Google Play. You are then free to manage and update your app whenever you want. Publishing in the app store does cost a lot n.l. Most people who have created an app also want their application to be placed in the app store. However, this is not free! The costs for the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store are 14 euros. Google Play you pay a one-time $ 25, - and for the Apple app store you pay $ 99 each year.

To: target group, acquaintances, friends, suppliers and customers and your customers, customers!
You will find everything you need to d.m.v .: QR Codes, A5 posters and POS advertising, all ready for digital use and for printing.

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