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Robin Telecom Development bedrijfsprofiel

Logo Robin Telecom Development
Robin Telecom specialises in professional communication systems. With solutions for both intercom systems and communication security. Starting in 1985, the founder of Robin Telecom, Sil Steffens, worked on worldwide solutions for voice recording, security and IP logging via organisations such as CyberTech and CyberTwice.

Robin Telecom was set up in 2009 to develop intercom units on the basis of a clear vision of reliability and quality, which flowed from the knowledge gained in earlier organisations. Robin Telecom’s highly enthusiastic and ambitious team develops and produces network-based video and intercom systems that are not only of a high technological standard but also have a stylish and extremely rugged design.

Mission of Robin:
To develop innovative, reliable and surprising communication/security products. Products for which quality is an important prerequisite in all steps of the process - from design to assembly. In developing its products, Robin Telecom is constantly looking for new solutions that meet the requirements of today and those of tomorrow.

Reliability and support
Robin Telecom pays close attention to users and installers in the development of its systems. It is important for the systems to be extremely reliable as well as intuitive to operate and configure. The company constantly strives for further optimisation using information gained from experience. In the unlikely event that any questions arise, our support staff will be ready to assist you.

+31 72 534 64 26


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