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We see our company in the near future as one of the most influential fundraising platform within the world-wide blockchain community. We believe that all people deserve to live a great and prosperous life. Our organization is the right environment for blockchain enthusiast and creative minds, who are dedicated to change the world with the infinite possibilities of blockchain. To help you achieve your goals, we support you by offering:

1. 0% fees and no hidden costs
2. 100% Profit Sharing
3. Team of Experts
4. Wisdom of the Crowd
5. ICO HeadStart Seal of Approval
6. Escrow Contracts
7. Smart Contracts
8. MOAT Buyback Program

ICO HeadStart™
Empowering the blockchain community™

E : info@icoheadstart.com
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12 dec 2017 Dirk Scheringa haalt met ICO HeadStart ruim 10 miljoen dollar op gedurende het eerste weekend

5 dec 2017 Kick-off ICO HeadStart Friday 8th december

9 nov 2017 Today starts countdown ICO HeadStart
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